It’s Party Time!

7WJTSGPVJ96ZAs a follow up to yesterday’s post:  Make it Fun – Relaunching a Blog – here are a few ideas for that party!

  1. Choose your launch date
  2. Have guest writers write on various topics relating to your business/blog
  3. Do a LIVE TweetChat or Facebook Chat
  4. Have a few giveaways

Just a few things to consider when re-launching or starting your blog.

You can consider using these ideas to celebrate an anniversary of being in business for a year, 5 or 10 years.

Make It Fun – Re-launching a Blog

Have you been thinking about re-launching your blog?  It’s easier than you think.

When re-launching current blog or starting a new blog there can be lots involved, but don’t let it!  Consider this idea to make sure your blog stand out:

Make it a party!  Create a fun event then post on Facebook, announce to your email list, current and old clients.  Make it FUN!

Have you ever re-launched or even launched a blog and had a party doing it?  Comment below what you have done or considering doing soon for your blog.


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