How to Get Targeted Traffic from Your Article Marketing

You understand that article marketing works and we’ve talked about why you should do it. Before you sit down and start pumping out as much content as your fingers can type you need to really understand how to attract and capture targeted traffic from your article marketing. This all starts with a good plan and an understanding of what you want those visitors to do once they get to your website. (more…)

Generating Article Topics for Virtual Assistants

One of the biggest challenges for new article marketers is coming up with topics to write about. The key to developing great article topics is to ask yourself the right questions. Pull out a sheet of paper and a pen, set aside 15 minutes to brainstorm, and jot down answers to the following questions: (more…)

Why You Should Care About Article Marketing as a VA

As a Virtual Assistant, you may be wondering how in the heck article marketing can help you and your career. Isn’t article marketing just for experts and authors? The short answer is that article marketing is for anyone who wants to establish themselves as a leader in their field and drive more traffic to their website. So, as the owner of your own VA business, article marketing can help YOU. (more…)