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Helping You Succeed Using the Right Tools for YOUR Business!

Welcome to the business tools I use in my business, my clients use and other tools or resources that you too can use in your business.

If you have any questions regarding any of these tools for your business, fill out my contact form and I will get back to you soon.

WordPress Themes:

I know how hard it can be to locate the perfect or right theme for our businesses, but Elegant Themes has come along way.  Plus their latest theme, Divi, has had a huge makeover and I love working with it.  Don’t forget the other themes they offer as well.

Elegant Themes:

Divi WordPress Theme

Ecommerce Platforms:

Shopify: (Try for FREE – limited time)  Many people are ready to start an ecommerce shopping environment that is easy to learn and use as well as a way to keep track of inventory, taxes and more!  Shopify has truly made it possible.  I have either created a Shopify website or I maintain the site for updating.

Shopify Your eCommerce Platform

Content Creation or Finder:

Post Planner: Find, plan and/or post content that is strategically popular to help increase engagement on your social platforms (Facebook and Twitter)!  Sign up today

Online Video Conference(s) or Recording:  Love Zoom.  There is a free account, but honestly upgrading to the next level is well worth it!  Up to 50 participants and over an hour of video conferencing while the free is very limited to the time.  Share your screen, Q&A sessions, chat area (that you can download afterwards) as well as many other features.  Sign up now and start video conferencing tomorrow.

Online Video Hosting:

Wistia Video Hosting

Email Marketing Platform:

Mailerlite:  Awesome platforms for starting out in your business while you have limited funds, but honestly you will find yourself staying around.  Free up to 1000 subscribers, drag and drop feature, free landing pages, free popup, free automation series setup and design and many more features.  Once you reach your 1001 subscriber $10 a month.  Start your FREE account today.

Website Hosting:

Siteground:  I have been a GoDaddy customer for quite sometime (still am I have several domains with them) and for the last year I started to see issues and too many calls to customer service on the ONE hosting account I had.  In the many Facebook groups I’m a member of Siteground was always mentioned with great reviews for hosting.  I took the plunge – hosting for a year, transferred my main domain over, grabbed the malware/hack package, SSL certificate and now have my site on a dedicated IP.  WHOAH what an improvement on my site!  Plus customer service excellent!  Not that GoDaddy has it, but I love the option to chat, call or send in a support ticket.  If you are ready to move your site from your hosting or need hosting – sign up with Siteground today!

Password Storage and more:

LastPass:  I can’t say enough about LastPass!  I have their app as my Chrome Extension and their app installed on my cell phone and tablet.  It stores all my passwords, encrypts them and I can request that LastPass create the password for me right inside where I’m setting up my account.  Create folders to organize your passwords by topic or type.  I have several clients that have shared their passwords with me – I can see the login, but I can’t see the password and I have NO way of changing said password.  It’s free, but for $12 a year and the extra features listed above not a bad price.

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