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Why Cross-Posting is Key to Your Social Media Success
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LM Make your business stand out

Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

If you have been using Social Media for several years now; you know how much this area has changed. You need an understanding of who and what your business is about and how to tell others about you. Get ready to take a stand and make your business stand out on your Social Media platforms. ...
LM Instagram Ready Set Go

Instagram 101 – Ready, Set, Go!

In case you are not aware – Instagram has been around for about 4 years and has over 300 million users.  Instagram is an app that features visual and video content and is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. Don’t let it be ‘one of those platforms’ I have got to add to my marketing. ...
Leona Martin Facebook

Do I Have to Use the Facebook App?

NO!  You do not have to use the Facebook app!  Not on your phone or tablet.  Especially, if you are using these for business connections. Early last month, December 2014, I broke down and purchased my first tablet.  A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  I had always told myself I didn’t need one, but I decided ...

Why Newsletters are Still Important Today

Businesses have been using a newsletters long before email and social media ever existed. Newsletters came in many formats depending on the business.  You could receive a booklet, catalog, pamphlet, 10-page or 1-page newsletter.  Whatever the business was trying to point out to their clients. Why did businesses start creating newsletters?  They did it for ...

Why Social Media

Why Social Media – to the point it’s the newest way to market your business today!  It’s ‘free’ to some extent, faster, colorful, loud, moving, fun – you name it! BUT…… An average business owner spends their days/weeks/months networking in all the groups, attending all the events.  Pretty steady with clients.  Times when things are slow. ...