networkingPay attention to how you present yourself when networking.  Don’t be a ‘me me me’ and ‘I’m so busy that I’m not sure about such and such.’  WOW – I’ve heard this twice from two different people in the last few weeks and really turned me away from them.

Why would I even consider recommending these people’s services if they are too busy for this or that or it’s all about me when I would rather hear about their business and how they could help me or others.

Check out these DON’Ts when it comes to networking:

Don’t…….sell, monopolize, show off or brag, just talk about you, pry, overextend, ask too soon, misrepresent yourself, act desperate and lastly interrupt.

There are more.  What about you?  Is there a DON’T that I didn’t list that is on your mind?