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Improve Your Work/Life Balance Through Delegation

Improve Your Work/Life Balance Through Delegation

When you’re busy handling all the tasks in your business, the rest of your life can kind of pass you by! You just can’t find the time to get a handle on any of the other important things in life, such as looking after yourself properly, seeing your family or taking adequate time to just chill out. That lifestyle can’t be maintained forever, and too long working and living like that can lead to intense burnout that’s difficult to recover from.

You need to transform your business… delegate; it really is that simple.

You value your time and probably already know that delegation is the key to growth, but how do you go about it?

Delegation is of most benefit when viewed as a long-term solution, rather than a one-off occurrence. It must be done well in order to be effective, and good delegation comes down to… what, who and how.

What to Delegate

You can delegate the majority of your recurring background tasks such as social media management, graphic design, editing, copywriting, administrative tasks, bookkeeping and customer service, to name just a few.  Thereby freeing up your own time to concentrate on the income generating tasks that are core to your business, whether it be a service or product-based enterprise.

Who to Delegate To

VAs are the perfect resource solution for many different types of businesses, operating both online and offline. With a wide range of skills and a wealth of business expertise, They are able to provide experienced and specialist support at the level of professionalism required by your business. 

How to Delegate

Even with a spectacular VA behind you, delegation must handle carefully in order to be successful. It’s important to be able to clearly communicate the outcomes you’re looking for, what you’d like to achieve, as well as if there are particular processes and deadlines by which you’d like tasks completed. If you’re not already clear on this, you can work with your VA to determine both the outcomes and the processes involved. Knowing this is really important, not only so that both you and your VA understand the actions and tasks at-hand, but so your expectations are aligned and ideally, are crystal clear.

Then… let the task go! Remain available to respond to communications, but don’t micromanage. Your focus needs to shift to your income generating tasks and your VA needs to be allowed to progress, and deliver the tasks assigned. Your confidence in delegating will grow – in knowing tasks will be completed to a very high standard and to deadline.  Lastly, appreciating that your business is being consistently represented at an extremely professional level.

The only thing left to do is consult with your VA as to how you’re going to keep in contact and how they’ll report back to you.  Utilizing a project management platform with written or verbal update once a day, or week keeps tasks on schedule and communication clear.

With effective delegation your business will become far less reliant on your time, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new opportunities that present themselves. You’ll find you have more energy, can build greater momentum, can cultivate your ability to reach more customers, and finally work more efficiently.   All of which helps to increase your earning potential across the board.

Don’t you see? You really can take more time off and reinstate your work/life balance at the same time!

Isn’t it time you gave delegation a go?

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6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Strive for Efficiency

6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Strive for Efficiency

Efficiency is often talked about in the business world, at all levels of commerce from large to small. It’s even seen as one of the most important factors in business – as the more efficient you are, the more productive you are… and this directly influences profits.

Focusing your efforts allows you to achieve as much as possible, in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of exertion. Yet, oftentimes entrepreneurs find they’re not operating efficiently and need to revise their approach to key business areas. Here are six reasons why entrepreneurs should strive for efficiency in every facet of their business operations…


#1 Remain Competitive

If you’re efficient then you’re capable of completing more work than your competitors in the same timeframe. Subsequently, you increase your immediate income, but also gain a greater number of customers – who then become repeat business and also refer potential customers to you, rather than your competitors.


#2 Improve Customer Experience

An efficient business creates a smooth customer experience, where all contact with the customer follows a pre-defined process, adheres to standards in company communication, and meets expected response times. This leads to a marked improvement in each customer’s experience of dealing with your company and encourages them to remain loyal customers and refer your business to others.


#3 Reduce Costs

Efficiency reduces costs by ensuring each team member is organized with all the tools and information at hand, so they can complete their tasks properly and minimize any time wasted or unnecessary costs, such as overtime on staff wages, ineffective systems, gasoline, unproductive meetings and so on.

“Virtual assistants are able to streamline a multitude of tasks and processes across your business.”


#4 Increase Income

The reasons already outlined of completing more work through remaining competitive, securing loyal customers through improved customer experience and reducing costs through efficiency savings all lead to an increase in income. However, the ability to increase income escalates when efficiencies free up more of your time, which can then be spent focusing on income generating tasks.


#5 Achieve Goals

Efficiency will help you achieve more of your goals (and provide you with more time to clarify your goals to start with), not only because you have more time available to devote to progressing them, but because you’ll be more focused in your actions. Further to this, as you reach your goals, you’ll feel a greater sense of achievement and this additional motivation will spur you on to achieve even more.


#6 Business Growth

All of the reasons mentioned ultimately add to the growth of your business, which nicely demonstrates the wide-reaching effect and overarching importance of striving for efficiency in your business.

Delegation Is Essential

Successful entrepreneurs accept that efficiency is crucial in business and know they cannot work in isolation or complete everything themselves. They know that if they’re going to generate momentum in their business and achieve their required outcomes, they absolutely must ensure they can delegate efficiently to an experienced, trusted and professional team.

Your Perfect Strategic Partner

A virtual assistant is the perfect strategic partner for the ambitious entrepreneur. VAs are naturally efficient people… being drawn to organize, they’re professional business support specialists who have an extremely positive effect on efficiency, and therefore the ultimate growth and profitability of your business too.

“A virtual assistant is the perfect strategic partner for the ambitious entrepreneur.”

Virtual assistants are able to streamline a multitude of tasks and processes across your business. Some are even able to take on entire roles such as social media assistant, or whole departments, for example your marketing department. This frees up a colossal amount of your time, allowing you to focus intensively on generating more income and growing your business.

Are you ready to realize the awesome effects of delegation and the ‘efficiency power’ your VA brings to the table?


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Your First Day with a Virtual Assistant

Your First Day with a Virtual Assistant

**This article is being updated for 2019, come back to check out the articles below**

That first day with a Virtual Assistant can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry, that is the way of things.  Even if you hired an employee, it would feel the same way.  

Be patient.  

It can take time getting used to the idea of working with a VA.  Keep going, don’t stop! It’s too beneficial for you to give up – if you have spent the time searching for the perfect VA, she/he will keep you on track, on time, and making lots of money.  

Think back as to why you searched for your VA.  Keep those reasons why on your mind as you continue working with her/him.

Now if you are reading this and you have not found that perfect Virtual Assistant for your business, no worries.  Check out these past articles on Virtual Assistants giving a few tips on how, when, and do not rush.

Take Action Now

It’s Time for a Virtual Assistant

No Rush in Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are Like Hiring an Employee

Comment below if on your first day you worked with your Virtual Assistant were you overwhelmed or ready to go?  If you are considering a Virtual Assistant – have any questions, comment below – would love to hear from you.

Why Cross-Promoting is Key to your Social Media Success

Why Cross-Promoting is Key to your Social Media Success

Are you:  cross-posting or cross-promoting?


Either tactic can be fine, but in this article let me explain why the cross-promoting option may be better for you and your brand.

but first…

What’s the Difference?

Cross-posting is where one post has the same message across all your social media channels.

What does this mean?  It’s where you take either an image or link and use the same text/content and post on all of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

Maybe you are doing this to save time and this may be good and easy, but cross-posting can have it’s limitations.

Limitations?  Look at it this way… you have a post on Facebook, with great content and then you post it to Twitter.  Twitter ends up cutting off some of the most basic and possibly important content due to it’s character limits which includes the image.

Keep in mind images draw people in.

Of course there are other ways to get the content out properly and that’s via third-party apps, but the more tools you bring into your systems the more time it can take to get your posts created and scheduled properly.

Isn’t this whole thing about saving time?

Cross-promoting is content that has a single message or goal, but written content that is created for multiple messaging for each of your social media channels.  Basically each social media channel has different content but the same messaging or goal.

May take a bit longer to create and setup, but the success of connecting with each of your channels unique followers could be worth it.

Which one will you do?

I firmly believe cross-promoting is smarter, unique and better for the audience you have on each individual social media channel we use.

A benefit of using cross-promoting….

Speak the language of each platform!

Look at each of the social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, etc.  Each one has it’s own use.

Instagram is highly visual therefor you do not want a heavy message to overpower the image.  Twitter is a very fast environment and to have too much content over direct and quick would make people skip over.

Knowing and understanding how each social media channel works and how each is setup should determine the content you create for that single message.

Practices of Cross-Promoting

4 Best Practices in using Cross-Promoting:


  • Do not repost the exact same message!!  Posting the same message across all your channels can make you look lazy, label a spammer or even robotic.  Take the time to create different content for one single message on all the channels you use.
  • Share your content on relevant channels.  Not all channels will relate to your message or need to be shared on all your channels.
  • Do not post all your posts at the same time!  Take the time to have each social media channel post at different times.
  • Follow unspoken rules of each social media channel.  Remember each social channel has certain expectations or rules for content sharing.  Twitter and their limit in number of characters therefore content should be shorter and direct or punchy while Facebook is more on a personal relationship level as well as a bit longer and narrative.

Before you sit down and start creating your content determine which will you do – cross-posting or cross-promoting.  By the way consider creating a social media calendar to help visualize your social media postings.  Whether it be an excel spreadsheet or another source.

Would love to hear your thoughts on cross-posting and cross-promoting….leave a comment below….

Evernote as a Social Media Calendar – How is this Possible?

Evernote as a Social Media Calendar – How is this Possible?

I’m pretty sure no one has ever thought Evernote could be used as a Social Media calendar.

Yep it sure can!  I use it not only for myself, but my clients as well.  They love what I have done and become Evernote users at the same time.

Let’s get you started on using Evernote for YOUR Social Media calendar!


#1: Create 2 notebooks – calling it anything you like – for the video I used ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’

Next step will be creating the main notebook with sub notebooks underneath.  Evernote calls them Stacks.

#2: Click on the ‘Facebook’ Notebook and drag it to be on top of the ‘Twitter’ notebook let go of your mouse.

Evernote will prompt you to name the STACK – This is where you create the main title to represent the notebooks underneath it.  For the video I used ‘Social Media Calendar’ for this is the purpose behind these notebooks.

Once you name that Stack you will see that the 2 notebooks created at step #1 are now underneath the notebook/stack you just created.

You can go ahead and create more notebooks to go with the notebook/stack and just remember to back to step #2 to get those notebooks underneath.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video, when you log into your account via the desktop version those notebooks will now show up and are ready for you to start creating.

Down in the comments – let me know how you are using Evernote, did you go ahead and start using for your Social Media planning or if you have any questions regarding Evernote.