Coaching Package [first time customers only]

Grab 2 months and receive a FREE month

Looking for some clarity in your business?  Need to get back on track?

Despite preparing for a new year; you can get off track.  You can easily get overwhelmed with all the goals you set for yourself.

Having a coach guide you back to the excitement you had in starting a new year with exciting goals will be so freeing!

Example of your coaching could look like this*:  Month 1 is all about your ideal client and this year's goals from there we develop smaller goals to micro goals as well as fine tune other areas of your business.  It's all about ensuring you start the year on the right track and not feel overwhelmed with al the new stuff that occurs in the beginning of a new year!

There is a required 3-month package sign on and prepayment of all 'three' months before we get started.

What you receive:

  • THREE moths where we talk twice a month via Zoom (one hour sessions)
  • Communication via email (optional - as needed)

Looking for more information - Contact me today!

*not everyone's first month will be like this, it depends on what you are looking for. this is an example of one possible month of coaching

**This is for new clients ONLY**

*Take a moment and fill out my pre-qualifying business coach form*

$ 550.00