Storytelling-600-605x400I attended an awesome event about storytelling.  It was geared for nonprofit organizations, but I felt that it could work for myself as well as other for profit businesses and I was so right!

Sue Kindred, SK Consulting and Joyce Davis, Square One Creative, created a wonderful presentation called “Storytelling, Making Nonprofits More Effective”.  The attendance was awesome, many different nonprofit organizations in the Virginia area came to represent their organizations while several other business were like myself, for profit businesses.  We all left this event with a new perspective on how to tell our stories in a more effective way – emotionally, credible, unexpected, memorable and positive.

What I want to touch on are the 6 Essential Tips of a Good Story.  But I’m only going to mention the first 3 tips given.  These 3 tips should be the stepping stones of starting your story, but I encourage you to contact Sue and Joyce to learn more.

Before I go further I want to quote Joyce, “Marketing communication is about connecting with people not pressuring them into donations.”  If you are a for profit business then take ‘donations’ and put ‘sales/services’.  Consider keeping this quote in mind as you are working on your story.

Here are the first 3 tips given….

1)  Identify your client(s) true problem or pain.  An exercise – describe the problem of the person(s) you serve feels is important.  Take these tips in mind: what is behind the problem you are assisting, what is the real issue, and your impact/benefit.

2) Connect EMOTIONALLY with them.  Use stories of accomplishments that your organization or business has accomplished for others.

3)  Make sure your story is credible!  Make sure your story can be backed up!

These aren’t the only tips to consider, but a starting point for you.  Contact SK Consulting and Square One Creative for more insights into storytelling or any other needs that your nonprofit organization may need.  They will be glad to assist you.

Comment below – if you have a tip to share on what you use for creating your story!