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From Paper to Online: Designing the Business of Your Dreams

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Leona Martin – My Story

I’m here to utilize my love of marketing, tech skills, and overall knowledge of working with many different small business owners since 2000. I’ve had many different names thru the years but one sticks out the most “tech geek”, but now with all my skills and knowledge of designing online businesses; I’m best known as a “business designer”.

I’ve been working for myself since June of 2000; starting as a Virtual Assistant… well not really. I was an in-office, subcontractor helping businesses with all their back office tasks! I loved it!

I’ve worked with many businesses thru the years, seen what they experience and solved all those experiences. From website design to marketing campaigns to lead generation campaigns.

Now, I’m bringing my passion, decades of experience and love of the online world to YOU!

Yes, YOU!

Leona has helped me to understand my ICA, establish goals, and assisted me in creating successful and fun challenges especially when I no longer could see clients in person.  I’m thrilled for my business has increased well over 100% in clients and profits!

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Why Work With Me?

I know how intimidating tasks like automated email campaigns can be – let me help! I believe in the power of tech and design when it’s used. Because when it’s not, it feels cumbersome, frustrating, and useless, right?

It’s my goal to deal with all of that, so you can get back to doing what you do

Not quite ready to outsource… no worries…. let’s get on the coaching end where you will receive guidance, encouragement, assistance, a push, and accountability!



  • Social Media
  • Facebook Ads
  • Lead Generation Systems
  • Creating/Designing Funnels
  • Various Marketing courses


  • Online Business Manager to Owners
  • Tourism Community
  • Professional Organizer
  • Jewelry Maker
  • Health / Wellness

Skills & Knowledge

  • Website Design: WordPress DIVI
  • Email Marketing
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Challenges
  • Social Media
  • Canva: Graphics, Presentations, Flyers. .pdfs


Below are a few pieces of works I have worked on myself or assisted a client with.

For a more formal portfolio, please reach out to: leona@leonamartin.com

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Promoting an Event

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Social Media


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Lead Generation


What I Can Do For Your Business?








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