Your Personal Business Designer for All Your Marketing Needs
Leona Martin computer and coffee on desk

As your Business Designer…

Never be overwhelmed or stressed again….
Never again miss out on high value opportunities….
Never lose sight of that big idea!

I’m there for YOU!

This is my speciality; my cup of tea (or is it coffee?)!
I have had many cups since starting my business and I know what any business goes thru on a daily basis! And know…..

You are NOT alone!

I specialize working with women-owned business owners that are seeking extra support, a push, accountability and/or guidance in designing business goals and marketing plans for growth and success!

What is a Business Designer?

A marketing specialist who designs, creates, helps and guides businesses in designing the form, look, words, and workings of one’s business!

How I help YOU!

I take your marketing ideas and bring them to life via email marketing, social media creation, PowerPoints/Presentations, website design and act as your silent partner to ensure everything is YOU and YOUR voice!




noun – a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade who plans the form, look, or workings of something before its being made or built!

Let’s get started

Business Designer News

Leona is a great fit for my business!

She has helped me on several projects and done exceptionally creative, competent work. I would recommend her to any business owner that needs some additional hands but does not want the burden of full time staff.
Leona is competent, efficient, timely and affordable.
Darienne Mobley

Darienne Mobley, Inc.