Isn’t one of the goals for your website – to keep people on and continue looking thru the site?

Wouldn’t you like to have something unique and fun to capture one’s eye?

One big thing for 2019 is adding Microinteractions!  Those small little actions or movements that catches our user’s eye as they scroll the website. These microinteractions are one way to capture their attention and hope for that click or look at that image more time.

As I design a client’s website I add a few little perks and they are these little microinteractions or fun little effects to add a bit of fun and uniqueness!

Not many people have heard; they may have seen these therefore I created a page just for showing you a few samples of other unique ways one can add these effects to their website. 

Click the button below and see examples or variations of microinteractions for your website.

Why Add Microinteractions to Your Website?


Adding these to tiny designs to your website is very easy to answer……. attention to details on ones website makes a difference from outstanding to ordinary website.

Here’s why they make your site outstanding:

  • Easier for users to interact on your website
  • Your users will have a better experience on the site
  • Encourage sharing, like and commenting
  • Communicate your information about elements on your site – like if your site is interactive or not
  • Positive feelings about your brand 
  • Lastly, improve your websites navigation

Don’t they get YOUR attention?

Two Examples:

When to use Microinteractions?


Before I go into when; keep this in mind – DO NOT OVERUSE!  Use them sparingly on your website.

When to use?  Totally dependent on you, but I say consider using them for important information you want to convey.  

Few examples of when you could/can use them on your website:

  • Contact or order forms
  • Call to Actions
  • Animated buttons
  • Scrolling or swipe over images/content


Final Thoughts:

Adding microinteractions is a great way to add a unique feature or two to your website, but overdoing them can be unwise.  Consider being strategic in where and when to use them.  In addition, you don’t always have to make things interactive for your users.  

Leave a comment on your thoughts about microinteractions for your website…….

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