Businesses that have embraced content marketing as a fundamental component of their online marketing efforts, often find that the continual production and regular sharing of outstanding, shareable, interesting marketing material can almost be a full-time job in itself. Outsourcing as much as possible of your creative marketing operation takes a huge amount of pressure off the business, ensures regular production of content to schedule, and subsequently provides a consistent marketing effort that increases leads and interest in the business.

With incredibly wide-ranging skills as well as extensive experience of online business operations, VAs are the perfect partner for your content marketing. In addition to their skills in the creation and sharing of marketing content they also bring knowledge and experience in project management, marketing strategy, customer satisfaction and leadership. With a well-trained, experienced VA team who are engaged, motivated and committed, you know your business is in excellent hands. Here’s just some of the content marketing tasks that VAs can help with…

#1 Content Strategy

For content marketing to be effective it’s essential to have a strategy, which includes things such as, your business aims, who your marketing is aimed at, where they spend their time online and the type of content to share. If you don’t already have a strategy in place a VA can work with you to produce one, and then further to establish an editorial calendar of content and deadlines to help keep to schedule.

#2 Content Creation


There are many promotional materials that can be written by your VA, from SEO optimized blog posts to social media posts, from email sequences and e-newsletters to landing pages and website content. Oftentimes businesses consider blog writing to be more difficult to hand-over and feel they must retain this as it’s the only way to convey their voice, however, it can be outsourced by providing some examples of your tone of voice and any key information you would like in the blog. Even if you operate in a particular field and require specialized content, there’s more than likely a VA that specializes in your area.

Editing and Re-Purposing

Your VA can re-purpose your existing content to create new pieces, for example, converting a video blog into a written blog, combining multiple blogs into a bigger piece such as an ebook, or splitting larger content pieces into smaller, individual blogs. They can also edit your articles and provide a fresh set of eyes to proofread your content.

Formatting and Design

Your VA can ensure the many elements of your online content are branded correctly to your business. This includes…

* Designing the layout of your e-newsletter, landing pages and opt-in forms.

* Formatting blog posts, articles and ebooks.

* Sourcing suitable images and adding your branding and any wording.

* Creating infographics.

#3 Technical Set-Up

VAs are tech savvy and able to set-up systems to automate your opt-ins and the sending of your freebie, along with email sequences, scheduling monthly newsletters and list management.

#4 Curation

It’s great to share other useful and informative articles from reliable sources that fit with your business area. Your VA can source, organize and publish articles across your social media that are in line with your marketing messages.

#5 Scheduling Content and Engaging

Sharing your content is key! Your VA can help you reach a wider audience through social media and other online platforms.

Engagement with your audience and relationship building is really important and your VA will be able to monitor and respond to questions and comments on your behalf across your social platforms in a timely manner, and in accordance with your requirements.


So… take some pressure off and think about the content marketing tasks you can outsource to your VA today, to help consistently increase your marketing efforts and the visibility of your business.