I’ve been using Microsoft Office products since the early 90’s and have seen the advancements and improvements in all of them!  It’s amazing what we can create for our businesses today that wasn’t around in the early years!  As well as additional products they have added to make it easier to focus on one software versus many.  That’s another story to tell. 

This post is all about making your current and future presentations stand out, not be overly texted, fun slides, colorful (within brand) and unique looking!


As you know….

Presentations add impact to the conversation!

Help see key points to the discussion!

Make us smile and laugh while talking!

Just to name a few aspects of presentations as a whole!

Wouldn’t you love to take your presentation to a whole new level?

Not loaded with lots of text and crazy bullet points? Which take the attendees eyes of you – reading over listening.

Make them stand out with more images, less text (more talk), fun bullets and more color? To make the background of the presentation a bit more fun over a dull solid background of the stage?

Below I’ve created 4 quick how-to videos on ways to improve your look and feel of your presentation:

  1. Using Gradient Colors
  2. Change up Icons & Bullets
  3. Do More with images
  4. Creating with the Design Idea Feature

Of course, these are only a few parts you can make improvements to your presentation.

You can add video, a single image on a slide that represents the discussion, and more.

Using Gradient Colors

Hopefully the videos above helped you in creating a PowerPoint presentation that stands out in a variety of ways.

In conclusion: Find ways to make your next presentation fun, colorful, imaginative, and understandable, as well as focused more on YOU.  But keeping in line with your brand, key focal points of discussion and eyes on YOU is ideal for any presentation.  Use your presentation as a way to have focus on key points!