Many times when we are working on an upcoming presentation we just get in there and start creating.

STOP!  Next time you are working on your presentation ask yourself these three questions about your audience:

What is your audience like? Think about a day in the lives of your audience from morning to evening. Mention something that they may face every day.  By doing so will allow the audience to see that you “get” them.

Why did your audience come today? Consider these other questions:  What do they think they’re going to get out of your presentation? Are they willing or mandatory participants? In your speech highlight what’s in it for them.

What has your audience up all night? Everyone has fears, under stress or are overwhelmed. Let your audience know that you understand and you are here to help them.

How can you solve audience’s problems? Can and how will you make their lives better? Give examples on the benefits you know your audience cares about.

These are only a few questions to ask yourself – are there more?  I’m sure as you are working more will come up.  Would love to hear other questions you ask yourself as you are working…leave them below in the comment section.  Let us know what you do to create the perfect presentation.  Look forward to hearing from you!