When you network do you have your 30 second pitch ready before the meeting or are you 'winging it'?  Many of us are 'wing it' while we are standing there.  Did you find yourself too wordy, flustered, at a loss of what to say?  Answered YES to at least one of those, read on….. My very first time I ever did a 30 second I rambled, I know I did, I was so unprepared.  After I left that meeting I went straight to preparing my next meeting 30 second pitch. Since then I've changed it several times that way I'm not always saying the same thing over and over. When I start to work on my pitch, I have a habit of using the five "W"s – who, what, when, where, and why.  Not all five will work, but try it anyway and see what you think.  Who: company name, What: what you do, When: will it occur, Where: location, Why: purpose of your business or you can leave this out.  It's amazing how the five "W" can surely assist you in creating most anything.  Oh and don't forget HOW!  How will your clients benefit from using YOUR services? Make sure you include in there why you are different from your competitors.  Back up your data with real data points. Keep it under your asked pitch seconds.  Some networking events will give you 60 seconds be prepared ahead of time to know which pitch is being used – 30 or 60 seconds. Be engaging!  Ask the audience questions even though you won't get an answer they could be shaking their heads in agreement. Lastly, PRACTICE!  You need to practice often that way you will not forget and start to ramble and add details that aren't needed.  Plus you will appear comfortable and relaxed during your pitch. So the next time you are heading to a networking event and need that 30 second pitch grab a few minutes and think ahead about what you want to say at this meeting.