Have you ever gone to a meeting and looked around?  What did you see?  Key personnel not attending only the usual ones?  No one speaking up, no expression of opinions or express concerns?  I’m sure many of you have seen this.

To have successful participation in a meeting especially one that is much needed on happenings in and around the office you need to consider the three ways below.

  • Do not dominate the meeting.  This will not allow others to speak up and express their ideas.  Also gives others less time to speak as well.  Let several others speak before you.
  • Be positive to others.  Let others know that their ideas/suggestions are important and expanding the idea/suggestion.  Give thanks!  We all want to hear that our ideas/suggestions are important and people did hear.
  • Ask directly.  Get input from everyone, ask those in attendance for their thoughts. Do not be confrontational!  Just ask if they have anything they’d like to share on your idea.

To recap: do not over take the meeting, be positive to others ideas, and ask questions or make suggestions!  I bet you will see better attendance in upcoming meetings and more attentive personnel!

If you have another suggestion or tip to add to this, would like to see it.  Do comment below allowing others that visit the site to see YOUR tips!