Have you ever dreaded creating a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming meeting/presentation? Getting those creative juices flowing driving you crazy?  Yep, it happens.  Especially when our minds are so involved in making sure this presentation is top notch.

First things first in delivering a successful presentation it requires careful and specific preparation. Consider these three easy steps when you are getting ready to create a presentation:

  1. Create a clear narrative. Don’t start by creating slides. First get your story down, and design slides or collect data to illustrate that compelling narrative.
  2. Do a dry run. Do a read through using the slides aloud. Then sit down in front of your computer so that you don’t have to think about your body language.
  3. Rehearse without slides. Consider a run-through while standing in a vacant conference room without your slides. This will allow you to concentrate on the story, as well as your eye contact, gestures, posture, and voice.
By following these three steps you will find the ease of creating the best PowerPoint presentation slides ever!  Of course if time is a factor another solution is outsourcing the project to a Virtual Assistant who can create the slides for you. This will take a few hours off your plate allowing you to do other things to prepare for your presentation.  Of course you will have to be one to do your dry run and rehearsal of the slides.  Think of it this way – you only have to handle TWO steps versus THREE.
Feel free to leave a comment on another step you do in preparing for a meeting or presentation that needs a PowerPoint presentation.  Hearing from others on what they do might help another person down the road.