You bring the dream, I'll bring the design.

Entrepreneurs like you are true visionaries. You lay awake at night thinking and planning.  You scribble ideas down on napkins at lunch.  You listen to personal development podcasts in the car pickup line.

You have a dream.  Your dream.

But, you don't always have the time, know-how, or desire to design that dream.

Websites can be complicated, social media graphics can be tedious, and ensuring that all of that stays true to your brand can be stressful.

That's where I come in!

Hi, I'm Leona, your new Business Designer

I take your dream and bring it to live... soup to nuts, beginning to end, idea to fruition.

I know you have a million other things to do than worry if the HEX code numbers on your website match the ones on your Facebook page cover photo.

I know you're putting out fires that don't have anything to do with taking a crash WordPress design course.

I know you're juggling all of your business responsibilities in addition to dropping kids off, making dinner, and stopping by the store.

How do I know all of that?  Well, I'm an entrepreneur too!  And try as we might, we are simply not capable of doing EVERYTHING.

When I realized that, and reached out for help in areas outside of my zone of genius, my business SKYROCKETED!

Since you're here, that's what your business is about to do, can you feel it?

Let me take some of the peas you're chasing around off your plate!

I'll pull all of the aspects of your brand together so you can present a cohesive, powerful message to your clients.

I'll design your website, social media graphics, and marketing material so you can focus on your actual business.

I'll take you from frazzled fifth cup of coffee to pulled together herbal tea.

The bottom line is, it's time to let go of the back end tasks that frustrate you and focus on what you do best.

I'm passionate about helping other business owners reach their highest goals using my love for tech, design and strategy.

I realize that not every business is the same, so my packages are not one-size-fits-all.  In fact, they're fully customizable to you and your business.

So tell me, what is YOUR dream?

Leona Martin - Book a Call to tell me


Social Media Coaching
Website & Graphic Design
Email Marketing

What people are saying…

JoAnna Givler

Crisper Carpet

I had attempted to design my own website using Squarespace, but it didn’t turn out the way I planned. I had lots of information and pictures, but it just didn’t flow the way I thought it should. Luckily I found Leona Martin.

After a phone consultation with me about my product Leona came up with a plan. She took my old website and gave it a total facelift! What a difference in having a professional like Leona! I am happy with my new website and look forward to working with Leona on future endeavors. If you are in need of a professional for websites or Social Media, look no further than Leona.

JoAnne Givler

Alene Geed

Alene Geed

Leona proved very easy to work with!

I hired Leona initially to redesign and clean up my Wordpress blog site. She proved very easy to work with. Her knowledge and enthusiasm worked hand in hand to upgrade and improve my site. I found her responsive to any and all of my questions. After the work was done I hired her to maintain the site. Her monthly reports and many suggestions for improvements have made my life much simpler when it comes to my blog.

I would recommend Leona to anyone with the desire to have a better performing and visually pleasing web presence.

Sarah Stroud

Sarah Studio 10X

I love my custom quote designs so much.

Leona is a mastermind behind the scenes of all things needed: Social Media and Web design. Thank you for instructing us “DIY’er” and producing great one of a kind custom graphics. You make it clear and easy on how-to-do, how-to- use and why-we-need-it. You are a lifeline. Thank you for helping me become a successful social entrepreneur.

Sarah B. Stroud

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Leona has been such an asset assisting in the growth of my business!

Sshe is top-notch in all of the services she provides! From budget planning to developing complex Excel spreadsheets for future business plans. Leona has brought a new professionalism, accuracy and energy to my business.

I look forward to her day with me each week – knowing that when Leona comes, she will work her administrative magic!

Susan Eschenroeder

Leona has provided invaluable assistance with my Word Press website. Taking me step by step through the process of editing my site helped a daunting task become manageable. Not only has she shown me the basics of what I am able do with my site, she has illustrated creative ways to make it more appealing. And most importantly, Leona showed me how to use SEO more effectively making my site easily accessible to searchers. If you are looking for someone with expertise, patience, and a fun sense of humor to help you in your small business, I highly recommend Leona.

Susan Eschenroeder

Darienne Mobley

Leona is a great fit for my business!

She has helped me on several projects and done exceptionally creative, competent work. I would recommend her as a virtual assistant to any business owner that needs some additional hands occasionally but does not want the burden of full time staff. Leona is competent, efficient, timely and affordable.

Darienne Mobley

Woman’s Group

She helped me stay focused and has helped me as a coach with establishing guidelines to help my business grow as well as my social media, communications expert. She is very creative and pours herself in her work. Leona likes things to be perfect but is also looking for ways to be efficient and different when it comes to being creative and she knows what she is doing and all her systems

Women's Group

Debbie Bowie

Debbie Bowie

I have used Leona both virtually and in-house. Leona has been my administrative assistant for 10.5 years. Leona is reliable, hard-working, an excellent problem solver and very committed to doing quality work. She is always responsive and helpful when I have questions. I am very grateful for her diligence, her persistence in challenging situations, and her value of keeping clients’ information confidential. I especially like that she needs little direction once I inform her of what I need from her.

I have recommended her to many of my clients, and will continue to do so.

Leona is a woman of high integrity and strong work ethic. She’s been a pleasure to work with and an asset to my business.