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  • 3 Easy Tips for the Best Facebook LIVE Session

    Start now on utilizing Facebook LIVE into your Social Media marketing! A few tips and tricks for making the best of your Facebook LIVE!   To see more of my Facebook LIVE’s visit my FB page (Leona Martin, Business Designer) and don’t forget to LIKE the page to see what else…

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  • Evernote as a Social Media Calendar – How is this Possible?

    I’m pretty sure no one has ever thought Evernote could be used as a Social Media calendar. Yep it sure can!  I use it not only for myself, but my clients as well.  They love what I have done and become Evernote users at the same time. Let’s get you started…

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  • 5 Tools for Managing Your Social Media Platforms

    A few weeks back I spoke to a group of FAB Ladies with FABWOMEN on Social Media. One of the areas we discussed were tools they can use for managing their social media platforms. To give them more information I decided to write a blog specifically for them! FAB Friday…

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