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Social Media Strategy Session – FABWOMEN Special

You have taken the right step!  Let’s get you started on your Social Media journey!

Now that you have registered your time slot for our 1.5 hour meeting…let’s get you even further!


After payment is received, PayPal will bring you back



Coming Soon

Three membership levels will be offered in the coming months. Come back often to see what's happening.


Going Above and Beyond

You and your business are more than just a client....we get to know who you are, what your goals are for your business and make sure you achieve them. Therefore going above and beyond what you need is what it is all about.

Social Media Services

The majority of small businesses are now running their business online in some capacity.  Because Social Media is ‘free’ that is where most are focusing their efforts.  Unfortunately, there is more to Social Media than creating your page, post here and there and let it go.  Read more…

Back Office Tutor

Learning a new skill that is necessary for you to operate your business timely can be hectic.  We all know that there are times when it needs to be done, but the time to do it or I’ll do it tomorrow can prevent you from learning the right stuff .  Here you can sit one-on-one and learn at YOUR pace in a structured environment. Read more…

Claim Your Power

Don’t we all have those days when we have a few questions on what to do, how to do, where, who?  Here we go – Claim Your Power is a one hour session where you ask and I answer.  For 60 minutes let’s kick around whatever is going on that you need assistance about or on. Read more. 

eMarketing/ eNewsletter

How are you getting the word out about your business and happenings?  No longer is email the best way to send bulk email to your current and/or potential clients! By having a eMarketing service you are protecting not only yourself, but those that have signed up to receive.  Why eMarketing?  Its a great way to get the word out about YOU, business services, events and more.  


Assist with setting up Bookkeeping system for your business(es).  Which includes management if necessary.  Teach how to enter and process invoices, reconciliation, payments, checkbook info, along with many other skills needed.  

Outsourcing your weaknesses may just be your strengths




We get to know and understand you and your business




Work with you personally on any aspects of your business that you may need assistance with. 


Figuring out ways to have your business noticed by current and future clients. 


Teaching you the skills necessary to run or work your business without the hassle of outsourcing..







Customer Testimonials

Small Words = Big Results

Read on to see what others are saying. Remember if my clients can take that huge step forward to outsource tasks, projects etc to take a huge leap forward - you can to! Consider outsourcing your tasks, projects - whatever. Once you do you will start seeing results as my clients have as well.


Check out what we have done for past and current clients. PowerPoint, eCommerce redesign, Facebook images/covers - we can get you looking priceless.


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  • “I am happy as long as I am making other people happy.” ~ Dominique Ansel

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